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Design & Development


 Specializing in the design of tube & transistor amplifiers, preamplifiers, and phono amplifiers for OEM's and for custom applications since 1979. Including: MFA (Moore, Frankland, Associates);  Wavestream; The Audio Archive; and Wells Audio. 

Restorations & Upgrades


 TUBES:  MFA; Wavestream; Jadis; Counterpoint; Antique Sound Labs; Golden Tube; Paragon; Precision Fidelity; Nestorovic; Melos; Sonic Frontiers; Audio Valve; Audiomat. 

VINTAGE:  McIntosh; Marantz; Scott 280; Scott 240; Fisher SA-1000.

OTL:  Acoustat; Tenor; Graaf; Counterpoint; Futterman. 

 SOLID STATE:  Pioneer M-22; Mark Levinson ML-2; Kenwood L-07M; Forte; Classe; vintage Krell class A, Quad 606.

Authorized Warranty Service


 Quad (ESL and electronics); Electrocompaniet; Pathos; EAR; Music Reference; Tom Evans; Mastersound; Primare; Supratek; Art Audio; and more. 

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Please call or email before dropping off or shipping components.

Scott Frankland Associates

706 Charcot Avenue, San Jose, California 95131, United States

(408) 432-1500


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